Kestrel Minority - F.A.Q

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Kestrel Minority - F.A.Q

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Looking to apply and can't catch officer in-game? Check here for frequently asked questions if something puzzling you : )

1. Where do I apply?
- here on our forums Register, confirm your account, fill the template and submit

2. What aspects of the game are you focused on?
- We have an emphasis on RP but we also organize ops and pvp nights. We do flashpoints and level together more spontanously.

3. What sort of events do you have?
-we have one or two ops a week. To participate sign up is required. We also have weekly pvp nights but we don't do ranked warzones at the moment. We usually have RP adventure every second week and smaller gatherings and social rp as much as people want to. For adventures we sometimes use a basic roll system to indicate character's success in a task.

4. Who are Kestrels Icly?
- To most Kestrel Minority is just an old spacer legend but in reality, they still exist. They are a network of friends and allies who have chosen to defend the Republic on their own terms and don't receive their orders from the Jedi Council or the Senate. They consider themselves independent and often take on mission that are either out of sight or out of reach of the Order and the armies of the Senate. However, Kestrels have never preferred the spotlight and like to stay in secret to preserve their freedom.

5. Are you a heavy rp guild?
- we consider ourselves more medium. We also have members who prefer casual rp or don't rp much at all. We welcome beginners as well, as long as they are willing to learn.

6. Does the guild have an IC structure?
- No. Kestrels are mostly a democratic group consisting of friends and allies with a few more prominent figures keeping eye on things but with no intention to exert authority over anyone.

7. Do you accept jedi/dark jedi characters?
- Of course, though taken the secretive nature of the group, the jedi have to be willing to keep things from the council. Dark and grey jedi fit in as well and the group doesn't frown on the use of dark side for itself but most of the members don't accept needless cruelty.

8. My character is a padawan. Can I apply/get a master from the guild?
- Sure, padawans can apply but it's also good to plan an explanation how she/he can keep it secret from his master. Of course, if the master is a Kestrel also, then there's no problem. Just consider that we have only a certain amount of jedi characters who might be willing to take an apprentice.
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