About TKM

Games: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Guild Type: Social, Roleplay
Guild Play-Styles: Any and all.
World Region: Europe

SWTOR Server: Darth Malgus
SWTOR Faction: Republic

TKM was originally formed by a small group of MMO veterans, who have played many games together. When SWTOR popped up we were all keen to get involved and see what it had to offer us as avid roleplayers.

Our aim is to form a small, close knit community of like-minded players.

While we consider ourselves a social RP guild many of us do of course have an interest in and do enjoy other parts of the game as well, be it exploring, questing, raiding or PVP. Most importantly though we want a sociable atmosphere to do these things in. To enjoy the company of like-minded individuals as we journey the many many stars and planets of the Star Wars universe as well as the mystic wilds and wondrous cities of Tyria, revelling at the many wonderful vista's along the way.

Click here for our In-Character background story.