The Kestrel Minority Background Story

Since the inception of the Treaty of Coruscant, Republic society has been plunged into a time of change and uncertainty. While the machinations of the ruthless Sith Empire sow fear and invite strife upon hapless worlds the Galactic Senate prepares and plans for the future. It falls to the proud citizens to protect the peace and freedom of the Golden Age.

As a new generation of heroic travelers from all walks of life venture forth, many come together under bonds of friendship and respect to support one another. Some travel to help the innocent, caught in the vice of war - others work to further their own ends. But they all share a sacred bond of camaraderie. One such network of unlikely allies bear a mark: a swooping bird of prey. They are the Kestrel Minority.

No one really knows when the Kestrels came to be. Some say they have always been and live as a legend shrouded in mystery. Now the Kestrels are again searching for new members because their numbers are waning and the war is coming.

The Kestrels consist mostly of individuals who do not necessarily see eye to eye with the Jedi Council or the Senate of the Republic on all points but who do not support the Sith Empire either. They regard themselves as independent, taking on things that the Jedi order or the senate seem to ignore or cannot act upon. Kestrels may decide that something needs to be done, but everyone still has their own reasons on a personal level. To maintain their freedom and stay hidden from their enemies, Kestrels all agree to stay silent about their affiliation.

Post Zakuul Invasion

The Galaxy has entered a new epoch. Zakuulan ships appeared and the Empire and Republic were both forced to their knees. The Kestrels suffered a loss as well when a number of their people suddenly disappeared aboard an old warship named Talon, just as the first wave of the Eternal Fleet struck, leaving others behind to struggle through the chaotic years even after the treaties were signed, The remaining Kestrels stood defiant in their struggles and refused to believe the demise of their comrades. Even when lady luck stacked the deck against them.

There is a new force forming now in the galaxy, an alliance opposing the Eternal Throne, and while the Kestrels keep to the shadows, they do not stand idle. Small tasks, not considered important enough by the more powerful organisations of the Galaxy, or ones not reaching their ears, are ones the Minority takes on.

Civilians are still caught up in fights, politics still restrain the hands of the leaders, there is still shortage of personnel and resources limiting the options of the official organizations. Yet there are still problems to be solved, and things to do, for those who wish to help. For credits or for the thrill of a good fight, the adrenaline rush of sneaking through enemy lines, for the sake of their beliefs, or for bigger future plans, or simply because they cannot simply sit by and watch - as many reasons as there are Kestrels, but they work together, they back each other up and share what they find.

They are hiding from the public eye but they fight on as they always did, like the old generations did ages ago and as the next ones will in the future. As long as there are people in the galaxy there will be need for them and they will seek to make a difference, big or small, for better or worse.