Rules and Guidelines

Much of the below might seem like common sense to many of us, but to make sure we are all on the same page here is a small list of rules and guidelines.
Rules are expected to be followed by all members and a breach will lead to disciplinary action. Guidelines, view these as recommendations, it's something that is expected of members but a 'breach' will generally not lead to any particular action being taken outside of a gentle reminder unless the issue keeps repeating itself.

It's impossible to list every thing you should not do: in general, just use common sense and behave in an honourable and mature fashion. Treat all other players with respect.

    General Rules
  • Respect the religious, political and spiritual beliefs and practices of other members. While you may not necessarily agree with them this isn't the place to debate that.
  • No harassment, bullying or otherwise unpleasant behaviour will be permitted, neither towards other members or other people outside our guild. No vulgar language, racial slurs, or any bigoted or prejudicial comments.
  • All members are expected to follow The End User Access and License Agreement and The Rules of Conduct of the game.
    General Guidelines
  • Try to use proper English and keep "1337 5p34k" and IM abbreviations ("how r u?") out of our forums and the game's chat channels.
  • All members are expected to visit the website once every now and then as it's where all guild news are posted and events organized. We don't ask for more than once or twice a week which really isn't all that much.
  • If you know that you won't be around for a while for whatever reason, please, let us know. We reserve the right to remove the membership of members who disappear for any longer period without telling us. (Should a member that was removed after unannounced inactivity or left themselves want to come back that isn't a problem, just PM one of the recruitment officers or the guildleader.)

    Forum Rules
  • No sexually explicit images are to be posted, folks with families will be using this forum and we don't want young eyes seeing anything they shouldn't.
  • Please keep any images used in your forum signature at most 450x150 pixels larger and please don't use multiple large ones.

    Guild RP Guidelines
  • Local channels (say, yell and emote) are to be considered IC. If you need to speak about something OOC, then try to use a tell/whisper to the individual, or use ((I like cheese and Onion crisps)) double brackets if the message must be seen by everyone.
  • Guild chat is an OOC chat channel. For IC communications we have a custom channel ask other members or check the forums for details.
  • Tells/whispers are OOC unless you put something like /tell *comm* which would show the person you are in character and roleplay with them over long range personal comms.
  • Party and Ops chat is generally OOC unless otherwise agreed upon by the party.
  • Meta gaming is not allowed.
    Meta gaming is where you use information you learned OOC (out of character), say from a characters website biography to roleplay with them in game. This can be as simple as meeting a TKM member and assuming you know they are a smuggler, or bringing up a past event your character has no way of knowing about. Be wary of even making roleplay guesses about a character using information you have learned OOC.
  • God modding is not allowed.
    God Moding has two main problems. The first is making a character who is so powerful in role-play terms they are invincible. In game mechanics this will be impossible, but many people write their characters up as having huge lists of powers and skills which they use to interact with others. The other area of God Moding which is not allowed is when you direct a roleplay action at another person's character without their permission or removing their ability to act and respond.

If you are found to have breached any of the above rules we (the officers) will intervene. You can expect to be dealt with fairly and openly.
All disciplinary matters except for the most extreme of cases are subject to a 3 day cooling off period. This means no action can be taken before the 3 days is up, this gives the officers time to find out what is going on and act on it with cool heads.
Action is subject to severity of offence and decided by 2 or more officers. Generally a 3 strike system is to be used. Again pretty much common sense. Severe offences will carry more strikes.

You can always approach an officer and talk to them, we are here to help you.