Guild Ranks and Structure

Current rank structure of the guild. Subject to changes should it ever be needed.

Tier 0 - Trialists

The lowest position in the guild, members who recently joined and are undergoing the recruitment process.

Tier 1 - Members

The majority of our members hold this position. Full members with all the rights and privileges that entails. (Which as it stands is free coffee from the java Jawa.)

Tier 2 - Old-timers

Long-standing members of the guild. This rank is given to members who have been part of the guild and active for the better part of a year or more. Comes with no particular duties or privileges except for the pretty nameplate. Basically, thank you for sticking around and helping this guild become what it is.

Tier 3 - Lieutenants

Members of this rank assist the officers in matters such as but not limited to hosting/leading events and inviting members to the in-game guild. Generally not assigned any specific duties like those of officers.

Lieutenants are appointed as needed by the Officers on their discretion.

Tier 4 - Officers

The team of people leading the guild.

New officers are appointed when more are needed be it in general or for a specific role and are are picked by the existing Officers on their discretion.