Introducing the Holonet

Let me start by telling you this isn't some crazy and/or elaborate April Fools joke. Now, I want to introduce you all to something I've been working on over the weekend, the Holonet.

So, what's the Holonet you might ask? It's something for all you who cared about the IC feed on the old site (and maybe a few more of you) because that's basically what it is, just evolved.

What do I mean by evolved? Quite a few things. For starters what used to be the main part is now more instant, working in pretty much the same way the shoutbox does. In addition to the IC communications I've added priority broadcasts and character profiles. Broadcasts are basically for news posts like this but IC so you might see that for events, event summaries and such, character profiles are probably self explanatory. To finish it all off it is unlike the old IC feed integrated with the website, once you've claimed your old characters all you need to do to be able to use the character name for communications or edit its profile is be logged in to the site.

To claim your old characters you want to go to the Holonet, and click Manage Characters in the Holonet menu, on that page you'll find a link to where you can claim old characters as well as the option to add a new character or edit the profile of an existing one

Let me point out that the Holonet is all IC (apart from character management and the FAQ), if it's in the orange coloured "Kestrel Minority Holonet" container it should be regarded as IC. Just something you might want to keep in mind, put in you character profiles only the data you want other IC Kestrels to have access to or think the should. IC access to the Holonet is given to trusted members and associates of the group, decryption keys are of course personal to make any potential leaks easy to discover and track down.

I've also uploaded a couple of other tweaks and changes to the website, most are stuff that won't make itself seen (unless something is wrong with it) but something you might notice is that the site will keep track of when you last visited the frontpage and the holonet (saved in database and associated with your account so works across devices), if something new has been posted (shout or news for frontpage, comm message and broadcast for holonet) an orange ! will appear next to the link in the menu to notify you. This might be added for the forum as well, we'll see.

If you run in to any issues, as always, please let me know. If you have ideas for the holonet or another part of the website make a post about it in the forum.