Site Update

I've just pushed a rather significant update to the website.

The first effect you'll probably see of this update is that the forum has a new theme, the reason for this is that the old theme simply didn't work with the main goal of this update which is to make all of the site much more mobile friendly. When I say mobile I mean smartphone, the site already worked fine on tablets.

If you run in to any issues/oddities with the forum like say dark text on dark background (the original theme was a lot brighter, I might have missed something) or find that the site doesn't really display much different on you smartphone compared to your computer (especially if you find the computer version of the site hard to work with on your phone), do let me know, I've only tested with my iPhone and I'm not quite sure what you'll end up with on for example an Android phone with a high resolution 4.5 inch display.

The new forum theme might see some further modification done to it, if you have any comments/ideas, feel free to share them.