Regarding guild branches

We've got many new members since we had two branches and there are some fairly high profile MMOs on the horizon so I figured it might be a good time to talk a little bit about guild branches just so everyone know it's an option if there is interest.

Just to clarify, branches is just a fancy name for supporting multiple games within the guild.

As an already established guild we have all this infrastructure already in place, our rules, mumble and the website with its forum and so on, so if a couple of existing members want to have a go at a new game there is little reason why we couldn't support that.

If you want to see the guild branching out to a new game, make it known, make a new topic in the gaming forum or post in an existing topic if there is one.

Finally, there are a couple of requirements.

  • First, we'll need interest from at least a couple of existing members, one or two isn't enough but eight or ten wouldn't be needed either. No exact number as that depends a bit on the enthusiasm of the interested people and how close we are to launch.
  • Second, a new branch will need a recruitment officer, so either the interest of an existing officer willing to take this role is needed or we'll have to find someone among the interested who could fill that role.
  • Third, getting a branch up and running takes a bit of time, even if our rules and website is in place we still have to create and post recruitment posts on relevant sites and start recruiting new members for the new branch. There is no point getting started less than two months ahead of launch so that's the requirement. The earlier the better.
  • Fourth, this is really a requirement but it should be said. We won't risk spread ourselves too thin and so won't be starting up several branches at the same time, one has to get established before another one can be considered.

If you want to see us branch out to games like Wildstar or The Elder Scrolls Online, let us know.