Secure Connection Established

Yesterday I enabled and forced HTTPS for the website. This, in case you do not know, means that the connection between your browser and the server is encrypted. This is nice because even if you're on for example an open WiFi no one can sniff your password.

(And yes, that's a thing on open WiFi networks, sniffing passwords or cookies from other users on the network is fairly simple unless the sites you're browsing support HTTPS.)

I've wanted to have HTTPS for a long time, forever really, but it hasn't really been an option since getting a proper SSL certificate (needed) generally costs more per year than the domain name and server does.

But thanks to Cloudflare, who I've been using as a CDN (your browser talk to their network, their network talks to my server and caches and optimize some content) for over a year now, I've been able to set up HTTPS with no cost, it's simply part of their service now. Awesome.