Reminder: Display Name Only Log In, April 2

Figured I'd post a reminder about this since the original post Lisszia made about it was lost when we switched website host (well, technically it wasn't lost, I just didn't bother migrating any of the posts from the old news-system to the new one).

For those of you who didn't know, come April 2nd you will no longer use your email to log in to the game or the official website, you'll use whatever is your display name on the official website. In addition to this change, on April 2nd a "I forgot my display-name" feature will be available and the current system of secret questions and answers will be replaced by a code emailed to you, I'd image it will work a bit like Steam guard if you've used that.

Also coming in April (that's the goal anyway) but not on April 2nd is the following:

  1. Self-service for Lost my Security Key
  2. Self-service for Remove my Security Key
  3. Self-service for Move my Security Key

You can find answers to a lot of questions that have been asked regarding this here.