Game Update 2.1: Customization

Did we know about this before? Did I miss the announcement? Or did they just skip making any big announcement about what would be 2.1?

In any case, the next game update, 2.1 is called Customization. It's probably a pretty safe bet to say that the option to modify our characters will be added to the cartel store with this and so will the Cathar as we've now got a preview video.

Question is, what else will there be? If they call the update Customization just adding the option to edit characters and a new species to the cartel store seems a bit week for a full game update.

You can see the Cathar preview video on and youtube.

Update: Bioware just posted another video. It seems like this video should have been posted a while ago since they talk about the Cartel pack that was added this week as future content and say the character creation trooper armour would be added to the Cartel market later in April... The second half has some more interesting information however, the character re-customization will come in the form of the "Appearance Designer Kiosk" so it sounds like it might not just be a Cartel Coin thing, of course it still could be but I would have just expected to put it as a consumable item on the Cartel market in that case.

Finally, they revealed something that has been hinted at before, we will be able not only colour match our armours, but recolour them as well which should be nice. 2.1 should be coming "not long after April".

You can watch the new video here.