New reoccurring event coming in August

Bioware has announced a new reoccurring event that will be coming to SWTOR in August. The event will be called Bounty Contract Week and will occure once per "galactic standard month" and when they say that I'll just go ahead and assume they mean once per month totally unaware that a galactic standard month consist of 35 days (and 7 weeks all with 5 days if you were wondering, link).

When the event is live you can go to the Cartel Bazaar on the fleet where you will find contracts posted by the Bounty Brokers Association (BBA). Rather that describing to you how contracts will work myself I'll give you Bioware's own description.

Each contract outlines the parameters of a bounty that has been posted on one of many planets across the galaxy, including contact information for the client who posted the bounty and a list of underworld contacts in the sector who may be persuaded to assist you in the hunt. Targets include members of crime syndicates, violent gangs, and various other law-breaking entities. High-profile targets, designated “Kingpins,” may only be hunted through Kingpin Contracts, which are entrusted to professionals who have a proven track record with the BBA.

Bounty contracts will take you far and wide in the search for your target, but the BBA Mission Terminal allows you to select the specific planet on which you wish to hunt. Each day, you may sign up for one standard contract and one Kingpin Contract, and each may take you to a separate planet. Completion of a contract requires the death or capture of your target, but you will also be rated on your investigative technique and your aptitude for handling BBA underworld resources.

Contracts will become available at level 15, depending on their planets contracts may have a minimum level requirement other than lvl 15 but all contracts scale in difficulty and rewards depending on your level.

This sounds like it could be a rather nice event though there are some obvious questions. For example, how many of these contracts will just send you to kill a random gang mob and how many will send you to new named mobs, and more importantly how long will the queues be for these mobs and how long are the respawn timers?

Follow this link to the official SWTOR site for the original article which includes a nice screenshot of what I assume to be the Cartel Bazaar.

Update: According to Dulfy the event will go live for the first on August 13th, that's the Tuesday in the second full week of August.

Dulfy also has a list of the BBA reputation items which you can find here.