Galactic Starfighter, the next Digital Expansion announced

How about that? Bioware has put out a press release announcing Galactic Starfighter, the next digital expansion for SWTOR, the long awaited "Super Secret Space Project".

The expansion which adds "epic" 12v12 space battles with a variety of starships, a wide set of customization and upgrades and mutliple battle zones and gameplay modes will be available fore free on February 4 (though it sounds like you might need to get a "Starfighter Pass" from the Cartel Market).

Subscribers will get early access starting December 3 and preferred status players on January 14. Subscribers will also receive exclusive Paint Jobs, two pilot suits (one per faction), two titles ("Test Pilot and "First Galctic Starfighter) and "maximum levelling and progression benefit". Prefrerrd players will get the two Pilot Suits and the "Test Pilot" title.

If you're subscribed before November 1 you'll get an additional exclusive paint job and early Gunship Role unlock (not that it means a lot when we don't know the regular unlock).

For more information visit The press release can be seen here.

A trailer called Conflict Rising was also released, you can see it below.