Various bits and pieces

Let's start with something SethAltair linked in the shoutbox, it's a preview of Galactic Starfighter made by Ganden from the SWTOR-RP forums, you can see it here.

Moving on Dulfy has published a "new player guide" for Galactic Starfighter. Unlike her regular walk-through guides this one takes on a form more like that of a game manual (standard keybinds, UI, medals and tips & tricks for example), it might be worth a look. It also includes video going through the ships and various customization options for both sides as well as three gameplay videos, one per ship class. Link below.

Dulfy's Galactic Star Fighter new player guide

Dulfy also posted two more typical guides, one for co-pilots and one for ships and components as well as a build calculator for Galactic Starfighter.

Dulfy posted an article with a few miscellaneous finds in 2.5. Findings include achievements related to a new or revamped "Rakghoul resurgence" event as well as a Life day event. The new Rakghoul event will (of course) come with yet another reputation faction. There are also a pair of armour sets which seem to related to the Rakghoul event but their on the Cartel Market and not a reputation vendor, we haven't seen the reputation vendor though so no telling what it sells.

The Life day event includes a "Festive Tauntaun".

There is also a new item on the Gree Reputation Vendor, the Gree Digitizer Cube, a regen item. Requires Heo standing and 6 Gray Helix Components. Video.

Dulfy's article with all the details can be found here.

And, finally, Dulfy's post regarding the latest EA Cantina Tour from which we know that we're getting a new flashpoint in February, Kuat Driveyard, which will likely deal a bit with the story moving to the state where Galactic Starfighter will happen (remember, February is official GS launch for everyone, subscribers and preferred just have early access). In February Galactic Starfighter will also have a fourth ship class added, the bomber.

The post also contains some screenshots and concept art. Link.