First look at KotFE gamplay - PAX Prime Livestream

Bioware has published details for their next livestream where they (finally) will be showing some KotFE gameplay and talk about some aspects of the expansion.

Specifically they will be showing gameplay from chapter 3 of KotFE, talk "nitty-gritty details" about how companions (both current and future) will work and a first revel of a returning character. They will also be answering questions from the chat during the livestream and give out a shareable link for the PAX Prime Cantina Tour Pack, which includes the Prinawe Aggregate.

The time for the livestream is a but impractical for us Europeans but they Bioware will be posting a summary on the forums and Twitch does save past broadcasts for some time.


When: August 27th at 01:55 BST (forum time)