PAX Prime Livestream

Want to see what was shown in the livestream? Click the title of this post, it's a link. Didn't expect to see it on YouTube quite so fast, uploaded by Dulfy though, not BioWare. Sadly the video freezes in a few places but unless Bioware were also recording this is the best we'll get.

The video consists of a gameplay demo (chapter 3, same demo as given to press some time back so you might have read about it) and some details regarding changes to companions.

Chapter 3 deals with waking up after the invasion and escaping from the Zakuul homeworld so it would seem Chapters 1 and 2 take place before the timeskip.

Some companion details:

  • Lana Beniko becomes a full blown companion.
  • Storywise part of the adventure is figuring out what has happened to your previous companions.
  • You will be locked to certain companions in various chapters.
  • Companions that are not coming back are not taken away. You can still use them, they just won't be in the story.
  • All companions can fill any of the three roles, Tank, Healer or DPS.
  • Gear will only now only have a visual affect on your companions. Companion stats is based on yours.