Goodbye Mumble, Hello Discord

We're switching the guild recommended VoIP solution from Mumble to Discord.

Why? Simply put it's a more modern app with more features and still under active development. It's a little bit like if you took Mumble, combine it with Skype, and then threw in some good UI design.

Some of my favourite differences:

  • Good apps for all platforms, desktop, mobile, and even web.
  • Persistent text channels, anything written remains in the history, you can even see messages from when you were offline.
  • Direct messages and calls to users.
  • You can see what games any connected members are currently playing.

The only real downside is that you need to create a Discord account, but all that is required is a username, email, and password.

Getting started

Start by heading over to the Discord website to create an account and download the app. You can use whatever username you like, you can set a nickname on every server.

Once Discord is installed you can connect to our server using the following link:

This will connect you to the Kestrel Minority server and give you access to the public text and voice channels. They're only public in that anyone connecting can access them, an invite link like the one above is required to connect.

After I or another one of the officers have set your role based on member rank you'll gain access to the member only channels as well as the ability to see the chat history of all channels.

After connecting I recommend you set your server nickname to be the same as your username here on the site, if your discord username isn't already the same that is.

Some other guides to help get you started:

Should you need it there are many other guides in the help center.